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The lockdown in Zambia due to COVID-19 is especially hard for the poor. Those who have very little must purchase food in bulk and save in storage so as not to die of starvation. To help the Revival Christian Academy and orphanage, our WeRemnant family sent resources to ensure all 47 students and teachers do not suffer from hunger during the next few months of the lockdown.

Thank you, WeRemnant family, for making sure these precious orphans do not starve.

Revival Christian Academy is located west of Lusaka town in Zambia. This small school and orphanage is home to 43 precious orphans from the surrounding villages and small towns. Mrs. Joyce Kaluba, a widow, started the orphanage in 1991 and it has been a faith walk with very little financial support ever since.

The orphanage makes do with whatever they have. Students at Revival Christian Academy grow their own food to save on costs as they live on Mrs. Joyce’s meager pension. The greatest need of this small orphanage is food and clothing for the children. When WeRemnant board member, Pastor Orlinda Maforo, visited the children at this orphanage, they had run out of food. Her divinely appointed love gift from WeRemnant prevented the children from going to bed hungry for two weeks.

Many of the children only have one set of clothes and a pair of shoes, if any. Things are hard, but the LORD always sends HIS Remnant, WeRemnant, at just the right time.

WeRemnant members feed these children and educate them every month through their monthly donations. Your gift of $35 will provide food and school supplies for children at this orphanage.