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United States of America

Our USA mission is to deliver the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST in an unconventional way by equipping and partnering with the local body of CHRIST to deliver the message of JESUS CHRIST to those in the US who won’t come to a traditional church service.

The FIRES of revival are burning, and they are getting brighter. The cry of the people for the MORE of GOD, is getting louder and louder. The LORD is answering. The LORD is sending a new awakening across the nation.

WeRemnant is just a part of HIS big picture.

To prepare and participate in GOD’s end time harvest, we have been called to teach, preach and be the GOOD NEWS of JESUS CHRIST everywhere and to everyone HE sends us. Check out some of our activities and consider becoming a part of CHRIST’s end time harvest workers.

Due to COVID-19, our in-person gatherings are canceled or moved online for the remainder of 2020.

Monday Night Bible Study through Zoom

The WeRemnant family comes together through Zoom every Monday from 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm (EST) to pray and hear the Word of the LORD for the week.  

Complete the Connect with Us form in the navigation menu above to receive information on how to join. If you would like to watch archived Bible studies, visit our Online Classroom page.

Online classroom