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Medical Supplies for Remote Clinics in Liberia

From 1989 to 2003, Liberia went through a brutal civil war that lasted 14 years. Over 250,000 people died and thousands were internally displaced. Then the Ebola virus ravaged the country from 2013 to 2016. Thousands of adults lost their lives, leaving behind thousands more desperate orphans.

In Liberia today, it is not uncommon to see 5-year-old children abandoned in the streets, begging for food, and 10-year-olds showing up in rural clinics, pregnant.

Many of these rural village clinics have no medicines to treat their patients, yet they fight to continue to offer hope. The community of Brewerville, has one such clinic.

Brewerville is a small town of approximately 300 hundred people. However, the Esther and Robinson Health Center, a 24-hour clinic open seven days a week, treats on average of 15,000 patients per year. Disabled children, orphans and very poor families come from surrounding farmlands, villages and towns for treatment, even though the clinic has very few tools and medical supplies to help them. WeRemnant worked with Shepherds Heartbeat and a wonderful Christian couple to ship medical supplies to Liberia for distribution at the Brewerville clinic and other remote clinics in the area.

Please consider supporting regular shipments of medical supplies to Liberia. Your gift of $200 would continue to help cover medical supply shipping costs.


Feeding Program for Shepherd’s Heartbeat Orphanage

WeRemnant currently partners with Shepherd’s Heartbeat by supporting the House of Refuge orphanage, home to 25 children. Children at the orphanage were rescued from the town and surrounding communities. Due to our partnership with the local clinics, all children at the House of Refuge orphanage receive free yearly medical checkups.

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to support an orphan. A gift of $35 per month provides food and educational supplies to an orphan at the Shepherd’s Heartbeat orphanage.