August 23, 2022

“Remember how you transplanted us here like a tender vine from Egypt? You cleared the land for your VINEYARD, evicting the nations from your land and planting us here. The roots of your VINEYARD went deep into the soil and filled the land with fruit. Because of your favor on your VINEYARD, blessing extended to every mountain of influence. Through this flourishing vineyard, mighty ones were raised up. The nations were blessed by your fruitful VINEYARD of Israel, all the way from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates.” Psalm 80:8-11(TPT)



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The dictionary describes a vineyard as a plantation of grape-bearing vines grown mainly for winemaking! Hallelujah! Vineyards produce wine, wine saints! We as believers with the HOLY SPIRIT within are carriers of HIS anointing. The wine of the HOLY SPIRIT fills us up; we are carriers of HIS Wine.  Imagine the sweet Wine of the HOLY SPIRIT swishing all in you. Wine, wine…we, the vineyard of the LORD, produce wine! To see it here is also amazing. The secret mysteries of the LORD are simply amazing.

The above passage of Scripture starts out with the LORD transplanting us (a vine). Remember this verse in Romans 11:17 that states we are grafted into the family of GOD.

“However, some of the branches have been pruned away. And you, who were once nothing more than a wild olive branch, God has grafted in—inserting you among the remaining branches as a joint partner to share in the wonderful richness of the cultivated olive stem.” Romans 11:17

Secondly, the LORD has planted us because HE wants the roots of our vineyard to grow. This part of the verse is no longer referring to a young tender vine, but it means that GOD expects us to multiply and grow. The roots of the vineyard go deep, deep into the soil, causing the vine to bear fruit. Saints, we are to bear fruit and be filled with the fruit of the SPIRIT.

Remember, a vineyard that does not bear fruit is uprooted. We will bear fruit in JESUS’ Name! Another part of this verse that is easy for us to miss is a point that the HOLY SPIRIT had me thinking about all night.  The LORD is the One doing the planting. JESUS is the perfect Gardener who planted the Garden of Eden and came back as a Gardener when HE rose from the dead. HE knows what to do, HE knows what type of irrigation is needed, and how much water and sunlight are needed.

Now take a look at verse 10:

“Because of your favor on your vineyard, blessing extended to every mountain of influence.” Psalm 80:10 TPT

Since we are producing fruit and wine (the vineyard), the favor of the LORD over us will allow blessing onto every mountain of influence. What are the mountains of influence? They are government, education, business, family, religion, media, and arts and entertainment.

Verse 11 further says that nations are blessed by the fruitfulness of the vineyard.

“The nations were blessed by your fruitful vineyard of Israel, all the way from the Mediterranean Sea to the Euphrates.” Psalm 80:11 TPT

Saints, the seven mountains of influence, and the nations await our maturity; they await our fruitfulness! They await the carriers of the anointing of the LORD.

Allow the perfect Gardener-JESUS to come in; let HIM come into the fallow ground. Invite HIM to take off HIS shoes, and let HIS Toes go through the soil. I want JESUS to be free in my garden, in my vineyard. Ask HIM to use HIS rake or whatever tools – I personally think HIS Hands would be the best (but I digress) - to get rid of weeds and pests that attack the vineyard.

JESUS, we ask YOU to move freely through our vineyard, clean the brushes, burn the weeds, and kill off the pests. We are open, LORD. Come in!

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*All Scriptures are in the New King James Version of the Bible, unless otherwise noted.


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