No One Gets Away with Anything

December 4, 2020

“You’re a God who makes things right, giving justice to the defenseless.”
Psalm 103:6 (TPT)

“Breathtaking and awesome is your power!
Astounding and unbelievable is your might and strength when it goes on display! 14 Your glorious throne rests on a foundation of righteousness and just verdicts. Grace and truth are the attendants who go before you.”
Psalm 89:13-14 (TPT)

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Many of us have a lot to be thankful for. Some of us have suffered a great deal in 2020 and are looking unto JESUS, the Author and Finisher of our faith (Hebrews 12:2), to heal the hurts and gaping wounds.

A few days ago, I read an Al Jazeera article about farmers in northern Nigeria massacred while they worked on their farms. These brave souls had to make the choice to either harvest their crops and feed their families or to stay home and starve.They chose to work their farms and were killed for it. I found myself angry – not sad, but very angry.

Most of my “faith life” I have been taught only one aspect of GOD’s character: Love. Everywhere I go, I hear, “JESUS loves you.” And this is true.

However, that is not HIS only attribute. As a matter of fact, love is only one of HIS many characteristics. HIS core is HOLINESS.

HE is the Judge of the universe (Genesis 18:25). JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF is the Commander of the LORD’s Army (Joshua 5:14), waging war against the enemies of GOD.

Our GOD is not a teddy bear; HE is a LION and a LAMB.

The LION part of HIM wages war, roars, and destroys, fearless and fierce. HE is the ONE who opens the scrolls to release the judgement of GOD the FATHER on the earth (Revelation 5). It would be wise to fear HIM.

Our GOD is also the LAMB, the humble KING who chose to give up HIS own BLOOD to pay the price for our sins as a gift from GOD, our FATHER.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of GOD is eternal life in CHRIST JESUS our LORD.”

Romans 6:23 (NKJV)

After reading about the farmers, remembering children sold into slavery, forced into hard labor and prostitution, wars, racism, starvation, senseless sufferings, and other persecutions, I am comforted by one thing: My GOD knows how to make things right and give justice to the defenseless.

The hard truth is this: No one gets away with anything. The very throne of GOD is based on justice and righteousness. Every unholy thing we say, do, think, if not washed away by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST, will be judged based on GOD’s holy standards.

Therefore, all of us have a choice to make: Receive the saving mercy of GOD while here on earth, or receive HIS judgement either here on earth or at the Throne of Justice and Righteousness.

Today, if you are reading this blog, chose wisely.

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