January 4, 2022



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As a missionary organization, we are also a prophetic prayer ministry. Fulfilling the Great Commission worldwide requires much prayer, fasting, and obedience unto the LORD JESUS CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT.


The decade of judgment continues. Here is what the HOLY SPIRIT revealed specifically for 2022.


· Prophetic word for the Ecclesia (Church)

· Prophetic word for the globe

· Prophetic word for continents and specific nations




1. This is a year of the rebirth of the Ecclesia. The perfection of the five-fold ministry continues: apostles, prophets, teachers, preachers, and evangelists. The gifts to the Body of CHRIST are being purified and sifted. There will be a clear distinction between those who carry the pure VOICE of GOD and those who are faking it. HE will have a purified Bride.


2. In 2022, the LORD is requiring the Church to enter into a place of worshiping HIM in spirit and in truth. The Church must learn to worship in the midst of adversity. HE is watching. Those who learn to worship HIM, regardless of the situation, in public and in secret, will survive and thrive in 2022. Those who do not will be swept away by the world.


3. The LORD is also asking the CHURCH to choose between David or Saul. This is the year of HIS divine order. HE will set order within the Body of CHRIST. This is not about an individual church. This is about the Body standing in unity and reaching the lost. David was both priest and warrior. Saul was simply a warrior and without GOD, he fell into disgrace. May we choose David and not Saul, in JESUS’ Name.


4. The mobilization and “coming out” of the Remnant, the underground Ecclesia, begins in 2022. Look for major shifts and waves to be made. What used to be radical CHRISTianity will become mainstream.


5. Warning: A great ambush and deceptionare coming. We were given a vision of a serpent whispering into the ears of many in the year 5783 (2022).


6. Those who remain under the shelter of the MOST HIGH will find HIS protection, provision, and blessing. But those outside will surely be swept away by the world.




The betrayal of nations is coming. Those who have normally been allies on the world stage will partways and disagree in 2022.



1. Africa:
There are many in the leadership of the body of Christ in Africa who have ridden on the coat tail of fallacy laced with truth. There will be a crumbling of every house that is not built on the TRUTH. The house will crumble in order for the foundation of deceit to be exposed. This will happen so that HIS Truth will flow freely. We need to pray that the WORD of GOD going forth from Africa be purified so that, as people are sent out from this region to other parts of the world, only our FATHER’S undiluted WORD will be preached.


a. Nigeria: We need to pray against marshal law and a heavy hand from a government that is losing control. A dream was given of empty tourist beaches. When we asked the LORD why the beaches were empty, HIS response was that the police came and closed everything down.


2. Europe:
We were given a vision of fire sweeping through the land, going through the city streets. The streets were bare, but the fire was sweeping through to wake people from their slumber. It was strong and swift…the Fire of the HOLY SPIRIT.

There will be a mighty crumbling of ancient traditions and old altars and stereotypes to make way for the fresh, new Fire of the HOLY SPIRIT. There will be a crumbling of the old regime to make way for the new.

There will arise a great hunger among the commoners, a hunger for more of GOD. A mighty army shall arise from the youth and young adults. And even though the old regime shall crumble, those who catch the Fire shall stand firm and burn brighter than ever. They are the faithful ones, tried and true. And they shall affect the countries and the continent with power, swiftly, even as the 12 apostles rocked the world after the infilling of the SPIRIT. Those who stand firm until the end shall see the coming of the LORD and be rewarded on the clouds of Heaven.


3. Asia:
Regardless of satan’s disgust, even with the use of an iron fist, Asia will not be able to stop CHRISTians having a seat at the tables of leadership, progression, and expansion. Watch as CHRISTianity spreads throughout Asia even more amid suffering, persecution, and an iron fist. Nevertheless, the persecution will not stop the spread of CHRISTianity.


4. North America:


a. There is a restoration of the VOICE of GOD coming to America – the VOICE of GOD that breaks rocks and strongholds, and exposes and deposes kings, rulers of darkness and all those who partnered with them.


b. There will be an increase in inflation. We are walking into the days of the $12 coffee.


c. HE will cause the rising of HIS faithful servants, causing their voices that are as HIS VOICE to carry HIS WORD.


d. There will also be increased natural disasters, earthquakes, and the shaking of the land in 2022.


e. Warning: Beware of public schools in the USA being used to pressure children into fear of COVID and into taking the vaccine.

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*All Scriptures are in the New King James Version of the Bible.


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